Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Birth Father

After watching an episode of Gossip Girl, season 3 - episode 14, where Chuck finds his birth mother and Serena finally tells her father she's no longer looking for him and she never wants to know him. I, myself, have had to choose and my sister did also.

The few memories I have of my birth father is being in his apartment and he had a water bed. He had a girlfriend named Strawberry and I talked to him over the phone when I was in first grade, I think, and I missed him so much I started crying when he promised me a truck full of toys when he saw me again. My mom took the phone away from me and yelled at him for making me cry but it wasn't him, it was me that missed him so much. That was the last time I talked to him.

The next time he was brought up is when my dad, the man my mom married when I was in kindergarten or first grade who treated me like his own daughter, asked if he needed to look or call my birth father so he may attend my graduation. He asked my sister 4 years earlier the same the question and she made her decision that was best at the time for her. I knew from the day she was asked that question what my answer would be.


Plain and simple. I don't know if he ever made an effort to contact me again and it seems I never made the effort either. I didn't want to. I was past all that. I didn't need to know my father, I already had one. I didn't need to know why he never called if he did. He never sent me birthday cards or Christmas cards. I didn't need to know why because I had a father whom I created many memories with.

I remember being in the front seat, driving in his firebird, listening to Phil Collins. Or sledding on the hill behind out townhouse in Massachusetts, and scrapping my face on the ice and him coming to my side to pick me up. Or when I was sick and I fell asleep under my bed and he found me. Or when I got my first flat tire and he was the first person I called.

I don't need to know my birth father because I already have one.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Humming Bird!

After I got home yesterday, around 7 o'clock, my niece told us my mom, dad and I if we knew about the humming bird on the chair outside on the back patio. We obviously didn't and went outside to see if it was a gift from our family cat. Its eyes were open, one had a blood droplet on it (probably from hitting the glass window) and it was sitting on the side of the chair, motionless. 

My mom picked it up (its feet were cold), my niece got her plastic bug catcher and filled it with dead grass so we could make it comfortable. My dad tried giving it sugar water to see if it was dehydrated and it didn't want anything. My mom brought it inside and set it next to my other nieces beta fish lamp to try to keep warm. I wasn't sure what kind of chance it had to get better and was wondering if it was suffering from internal injuries because its eye looked messed up. After my sister got home, it was around 9 o'clock, I asked if she had seen the humming bird. She said yes and I replied is it still alive? I told her it needs humming bird food nectar and the sugar water my dad was giving it wont be enough (I did my research on the internet). We went to our local Wal-Mart and bought a humming bird feeder, liquid nectar, and a plastic container, big enough to hold the feeder and close the lid with air being able to circulate. When we got home we my sister padded the plastic container with shredded paper and we I put the nectar in the feeder and put its straw mouth beak close to the nectar hole and it drank some and we left it in there overnight under the lamp. 

This morning I checked on the humming bird and it was alert and seemed to be doing fine. I figured that evening we could see about letting it go and I could record and take pictures! As I was on the bus I received a text message from my sister that the humming bird flew home. I was happy that it was able to fly home after we nurtured it for about 12 hours and disappointed that I was not able to get pictures or video if its release back into the wild. *bummer* Either way it flew back home to its family! I do hope it stays away from windows :)