Friday, January 3, 2014

How to set up Lone Star College Email on your iPhone

The Lone Star College email set-up is incorrect with those that are now with the new Office 365 email. The server name is "". The rest of the directions is correct as it is posted here.

If you don't know if your email is in the new Office 365, check by going into your email account online, and if the upper left header says "Office 365" then this applies to you.
I set this up on my iPhone, so the server information should be the same for other smartphones.

Also, I never officially logged into my email, so I had to reset my password to be able to log in. After resetting my password, clicking the link inside myLoneStar automatically logged into my email without asking for a password. So I knew my password going into setting this up on my phone.

If you don't know your email password, and you have tried your myLoneStar password and no avail, you should contact the Service Desk  at 832.813.6600 or I called 10:52pm, and they helped me so give it a try even if it's late.

Hopefully this helps some fellow students access their school email :)