Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to set up Houston Community College (HCC) Email on your iPhone

HCC email? Why am I blogging about HCC email? Well I found out how to add the Houston Community College (HCC) Email to your mobile device, more specifically iPhones. :)

You may try this on any other phone and it might work, but no guarantees.

The site HCC uses is  http://webmail.hccs.edu.

On your iPhone go to >Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account... > Click Microsoft Exchange > Enter your student email under Email (my friend had this format firstname.lastname@student.hccs.edu ), your student username under Username, your password under Password, and your description for the account you would like it have under Description.

Simple huh? Well not so fast, please continue.

After you click next on the top it will try to Verify and ask for the Server and still leave the Domain optional. Enter the HCC server under Server ( my friends was webmail.hccs.edu ) after that you need to go to the HCC webmail site and log in normally from any browser ( I used Firefox) and after you log in go to the left hand side and click "Options" > "All Options" > "Settings" on the right > "Password" from there you will see the options to change your password but you are only looking for the letters in front of your username. For example my friends was AD\USERNAME, and according to the format, it says that this is the domain you should enter in on the Domain even though it says its optional.

After you enter in this Domain "AD", it takes a few long seconds and verifies the account and you simply "Save" to add this account.

Please pass this on to any other school that uses Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App, because I can only assume its the same for other schools that use this type of website. Some may not require a domain but it seems HCC does, and I use Microsoft Exchange for my work email and it does require a Domain even though it says on the iPhone its "Optional".

Here is a picture to help those who are visual.

Hopefully this helps some students access their school email :)

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  1. thank you so much this was so extremely helpful!!

  2. THANKS SO MUCH!! this help mucho!!

  3. Has anyone gotten this to work with a Samsung Galaxy S4?

    1. I figured it out. Under user name you must put your w#. Thanks, without you I wouldn't have gotten this far.

    2. can you please explain in detail how you did it? I also have an android and I entered my w# but it is still not working. please help.....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Houston community college has change to Office 365. I'm using a Samsung galaxy 6S.

    The setup now is
    Email address: your W number@student.hccs.edu
    Domain\username: \your w number@student.hccs.edu
    password: your password (you may need to request one)
    Exchange server: outlook.office365.com

  6. Thanks it is an old blog but it was still useful in 2016. I did in on my Ipad. Thank you.

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